Clown Colors

Clown Colors - student project

Hi Brooke! Thanks so much for this class. It was really fun! 

I've always wondered about the use of colors beyond the psychological effects they can have on us (I used to study psychology and marketing), but I usually just use my instincts when selecting colors.

I think most of my past choices have pretty much somehow fallen into the "rules" with a few tweaks here and there. Surprisingly, this assignment was actually a bit difficult for me because I felt I was trying so hard to get it right that my instincts flew out the window and were replaced by self doubt.Clown Colors - image 1 - student projectClown Colors - image 2 - student project

I really enjoyed focusing on the individual colors in my object color wheel. Thinking about the mix of of colors that goes into a specific item's final color was very eye opening. 

I also liked the lesson about CMYK, RGB, printing etc..


Thank you again! Can't wait to watch your other lessons!