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Cloud watching

Update - June 20 -------------------------------------------------------

So I started practicing making repeats with some generic shapes as I'm still working on my motifs. I'm really excited by how easy it is to make diverse patterns with simple shapes even just using the square method. These three patterns all share the same grid and shape pattern. They vary in color, stroke and scale. Fun!

First Post -------------------------------------------------------

With the theme 'picnic' in mind I want to focus on the pleasure or leisure aspect of going on a picnic. Through my brainstorming I landed upon the concept of cloud-watching as it envelopes the notions of relaxation, creativity and sharing. 

Here are a selection of images I collected for inspiration on picnics, illustration style and color palettes. 

Sources for all these images can be found on my pinterest board here:

Below are some initial sketches.

I want to integrate items you may bring to a picnic (different foods, supplies, etc.) into cloud shapes.

I think one of my biggest challenges from an illustration perspective will be producing picnic goodies in convincing cloud shapes. I also like the idea of centering the pattern around a couple friends cloud watching from a blanket. Another challenge that I always face with illustration is defining a style. I hope to develop this over time!

My first attempt at cloud food. Making things into clouds is tricky business! Can you guess what these are??


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