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Cloud Fever

There was a young girl named Lindsay, she had a slim build and large-framed glasses. Every day she would go to near the small cliff  along the coastline, laid on the lush green grass and watch the clouds. The clouds would turn into different shapes, and they all looked like they had a life of their own. She would spot cute rabbits, a dolphin, a cat and so much more.

 Until suddenly the next cloud that sweeps across the sky looked very weird. It was not large white and fluffy or wispy, but large and gooey looking. Lindsay rubbed her glasses with a handkerchief, unsure if she saw clearly. It was black like tar and had large lumps of green slime droplets falling. Some of this slime fell on Lindsay, and she was so grossed out,  she was ready to leave and call it a day. But then she heard a loud booming noise. She looked in the direction that it originated from and saw that it came from the small abandoned island across the shore. More black, slimy clouds continued floating up from the trees into the sky with every booming sneeze. Lindsay decided to figure out the source of the problem.

 As Lindsay got through the thick shrubs on the island she came to a clearing, basking in a golden light. And it was there that she saw a large non-human like creature, with small pointy ears, a pointy tooth, with large hands holding a small gourd container in his hand. He shakes it out and out pops a cloud seed.  He then uses a fan to whip it into shape. But then he starts to sniff and…




 He uncontrollably sneezes, his snot getting on to the cloud and sending it off a bit too early into a sky. It also changes into one of those slimy looking clouds. He tries again, but once more he sneezes from the scent of the cloud seed, his whole body out of control, and sends off another snot filled cloud.

After that last uncontrollable sneeze, the cloud maker now spots Lindsay who is in awe with the snot creations. The cloud maker, desperate for some help, runs up to her and grabs a hold of her hand bringing her into the middle of the clearing.

 The cloud maker wants to show her how he makes beautiful clouds, how the clouds are really supposed to look like. So he starts again, first taking out the cloud seed and using his fan to form it into shape.  But then he starts to twitch his nose. His eyes start to look watery, he starts to shake…





The cloud maker is in shock. He looks down and sees Lindsay holding her handkerchief up to his nose. And to his surprise, the cloud is still there, it wasn’t covered in snot! It was still clean! The cloud maker was elated and made another cloud. When he was about to sneeze, Lindsay, on cue, held the handkerchief to his nose and he was able to finish off the job.

 Ever since then, Lindsay made a new friend and stayed by the cloud maker’s side, assisting him with making beautiful cumulus clouds by catching each and every one of his sneezes.


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