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Nicki France

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Clone Fest

I really wanted to do a poster for a band, but a band that I was in. (I'm not in a band. I'm not especially musical.) But then I thought, "Wait, if someone cloned me enough times I could be in a band with myself. Then I would be four times as musical as I am now, because there would be four of me." So it's me on accordion, me on vocals, me on drums, and me on saxophone.

14 x 17 bristol vellum surface, inked with a Japanese brush pen that you can squeeze the cartrige to manipulate ink flow. It's as close a brush pen I've found to using an actual brush, with less a chance of dripping by accident.

I have yet to ink the accordion and the shirt and hand of the me in the foreground, and there's a border of wire and miscellaneous items forming the border on the bottom. Hoping to finish most if not all of that today.

If I get ambitious I might put a suggestion of a brink wall behind the clones, but I am on a deadline with other projects too.


It's a lot closer to being done now! I plan to make use of that toothbrush trick in certain areas, as well as going into more detail on the shirt in the foreground.

Ooooookay I think it's done!

I finally got it scanned!


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