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Hello Everyone,

My name is Chris Stern from Holden, MA.  I have been an avid mobile photographer since 2011.  Although, I have been doing mobile photography for 3 years I consider myself still a student in photography and always looking to learn more as that is how you get better in your field.   

I decided to take Dan Rubin's class because I wanted to look for new ways to shorten my editing time by using minimal amount of apps to achieve the look I am going for in my photography.  After taking this course, I have to say I am pleased with the results and find myself using alot of the tips provided by Dan in my workflow.   It has been a joy to see how my photography has evolved as I recently decided to start posting color photos as I was doing primarily black and white.  Going forward I will be posting a mix of black and white, as well as, color.  

Lets start off by showing the before image which is listed below:

This shot was taken near Tufts University in Grafton, MA using the Nokia Lumia 1020 which I was testing on a 2 week trial thanks to Nokia Connects. 

Here are the steps I took to make it my own using the iPhone 5 - 

1. Open up Photoshop Touch

2. Add a gradient to the top 1/2 of the photo then reduced the opacity to my liking.  

3. Open up VSCO Cam

4. Started by selecting a preset A10 as a starting point

5. Opened up edit section of VSCO Cam

6. Selected Exposure and brought it up to +2

7. Selected Fade and brought it up to +2

8. Selected Sharpen and brought it up to +3

9. Exported to Camera Roll for upload to my social media apps

Here is the final image after all the edits -

As you can see I was able to bring some darkness in the skies while brightening up the lower portion of the photo.  My goal was to have your eyes to start from the lower portion of the frame and go upward towards the top portion of the frame.  

One thing I would recommend is using the rule of thirds.  As you see here I was able to put the trees in the left 1/3 of the frame...this made it easier when editing as I didn't have to crop the photo as I was able to capture it right the first time. 

I hope you enjoyed my edit and happy shooting...

Chris Stern

IG: chris_stern


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