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Larry Okoth

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Clockers - A Spike Lee Joint

One of my favorite movies and has been for half of my lifetime, I thought I'd reproduce this poster.

While the poster is nothing complicated, I saw this as an opportunity to develop a good set of basic skills in Illustrator (and Affinity Designer), as the poster includes working with overlapping layers, getting down to details in tracing those gunshot wounds, and working with type.

This has turned out to be a fun ride; I can lose myself in the project/program, and is apparently one of the few instances where I can do something without having to have music on:)


I started with placing the poster image on the artboard and modifying its transparency.


Still have to do some detailing and reproduce the copy at the bottom of the poster. And I have to fix that last R letter.

For my next project, I'll make sure to document my process more, as I realized here that I hadn't taken many work-in-progress snapshots.

... getting there...


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