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As a person who consideres herself an avid Disney fan, I was eager to learn from the animation master himself a few tips and tricks to help me draw my friends as birthday presents to them. 

Since I cannot do anything digitally, my princesses (and future princes) had to be done traditionally with coloured pencils on thick unrelenting watercolour paper. Yes, it was a bad decision.

All things considered, I am curious to see what anyone may think of my ever beautiful friends and their Disney portrayal.

Without further ado, I present The Honorable Martina


Martina is wearing a lovely blue gown, that matches her light eyes, designed by Paolo Sebastian in his 2014/2015 SS couture collection.

Following her, I present Lady Milica with her Rawenclaw diadem


Wearing the eternally elegant Valentino from the 2013 FW RTW collection.

It is the turn of Duchess Angie with whom I had an issue, because halfway through I had to change my light skin coloured pencil. 


Wearing Zac Posen 2012 SS collection, although  the dress is not as bright as drawn. It is a more tame yellow, however my friend is not that tame.

Last but not least, Duchess Nicoline (better known as Nina) with whom I have finally embraced the fullness of Disney with the big child-like eyes.


Wearing 2014 FW Andrew Gn siren seductress deep green dress that compliment her eyes as well as her hair.


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