Robyn M.




Clipping Masks and Texture Overlays - Robyn M

Thank you Stephanie. I enjoyed this class very much. Thank you for being so generous too with the downloaded texture sheets. 

Firstly, I tried the owl because I didn't want to have to think too much about all the elements. I was overall pleased with the effects. I was ecstatic with the simplicity of the clipping masks. Thanks to the great instruction, I then felt confident to try out my own illustration character. 



A friend of ours is visiting and he was talking about the sloths in Costa Rica. He loves them. So, I decided to do one. I also love tropical foliage and the rain forest. 

I must admit, when Stephanie said that she adds multiple textural layers (I may add another one later!) , I scoffed. Why on Earth would you wish to add another to a perfectly good illustration? Well, now I know. It adds "magic" to the work. IMHO.  Below, are initial shapes and texture. 




I had so much fun. I got totally ballzed up at one stage. I had so many layers, clipping masks, inserted images etc. Some of my best effects happened by sheer accident. True! I can't even tell you how I got them. LOL :)))) 




I worked on it for the best part of a day and half. It was looking pretty good at this stage. Above pic. Then quite by accident, I added another overlay texture. Boom! ... Magic. It gave me that gloomy, dark rain forest effect. It added the "unity" that Stephanie talked about. See below pic. 




I am working with Procreate on my Ipad Pro 12.9, Apple Pencil. I have had it for a year and had not used it for anything this illustrative. Thanks again Stephanie for your courses. You are a very good instructor......and brilliant illustrator. 


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