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Clinical Skill Sets

Clinical Skill Sets is a website where doctors are coached and prepared  for the Clinical Skills exam. 

Medical school is a huge investment. It can be quite costly  (financially, physically and emotionally) if one does not succeed.

Clinical Skill Sets allows doctors to gain the expertise they need to take control of their future. It can be very  stressful to know exactly where  to start when preparing for exams. Having a guide saves time and money. 

Clinical Skills Sets offers one-on-one, group workshops and courses delivered for physicians that include:

  • mobile coaching and motivation
  • video visits for learning to gather data and  interpersonal skills -  taught by physicians
  • pdf. files
  • in-person workshops
  • An Airbnb for physicians studying for exams or on sabbatical. 
  • a community for discussion
  • an online Clinical Documentation app that allows you to help with writing coherent patient notes

I interviewed 70 doctors regarding the USMLE Step 2 CS medical examination.  A major problem included not knowing what to study for the evolving examination. Pain points that people where having included:

1.  Patient Notes or clinical documentation

2.  time management 

3.  finding partners 

I have written a book to help with the patient note. Contributions, interviews and pointers from American Medical Faculty are included in the book. Go to the link below  to have a look at  the book sales page:

Holes in the MVP and Solutions:

1. "Where will we  meet for the courses?"  (courses will be held in Stanford, CA. and at satellite sites in different cities throughout the world)

2. "Is there a guarantee that I will pass?" (refund no questions asked but, there will also be ongoing feedback to surpass the standards of the examination) 

3. "Cost?" (the pricing will be on a subscription basis and workshops are 2-day, 5 hour  intensive workshops at $499.00 per student). 

Feedback is appreciated. 


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