Cling Wrap Background Texture

Cling Wrap Background Texture - student project

This class was so much fun. Once I started playing with this texture technique it was hard to stop. I spent days experimenting with different combinations of paper, paints, and wrap texture. The press and seal was a total failure and yupo did not work well at all.  Bamboo watercolor paper and black watercolor paper with gouache were some of my favorites. The Daniel Smith Undersea duo watercolor added a touch of gold to the green while the Daniel Smith Primatek Kyanite added metallic sparkle to the blue.

Deli wrap crumpled with the wax side down produced a lot of texture with the gouache paint on black watercolor paper. I used my koi stamp to define my negative space. I painted the koi with gouache when the background was dry. 

 I still need to practice my negative painting technique.

Cling Wrap Background Texture - image 1 - student project



Cling Wrap Background Texture - image 2 - student project