Climbing the tightrope. - all of life is a stage

Climbing the tightrope. - all of life is a stage - student project

Hi - Suzanne Eberhardt here. 

No thats not me dangling in the air on a long piece of silk - but sometimes it feels that way -and other times it feels like i'm hiding in the shadows. My project goal is to in fact come out of hiding as often as possible and present myself authentically and the show the incredible life i have lived thus far In effort to provide encouragement and also my services to improve others lives. 

I design environments for individual homes and businesses that reflect a personal brand so to speak. 

I also am a vocal stylist. - Caberat and jazz - who loves to make people feel a range of emotions from laughter to tears to pure joy. 

2 audiences. I come across most? 

I am often in the presence of other entrepeneurs, business people, potential clients.  

and also simply out there with every day people doing everyday things. The grocery store, the subway , 

yoga class , charity events , and parties Or who attend my performances. 

Not 100 % clear on showing the evolution of the project but after tonights call perhaps clearer. 

Suzanne Eberhardt
Founder/CEO of Eberhardt design