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Continuing on my project from the Build your first iPhone app class...

ClimbNotes is an app for rock climbers! More specifically, it's a personal note-taking app for any projects that a climber is working on. A project is a climbing route that requires multiple tries and sometimes long periods of time to complete. 

This app is actually a sub-function of a larger app I'm developing, SuperBeta: an interactive guide for outdoor climbing. Since the functionality is a lot more simple, however, I'm focusing on learning the basics of objective C and also learning how to customize the UI through Xcode. 

Below is an early sketch and a test walkthrough is available here. The functions for ClimbNotes are basically:

  • Add a new route
    A route requires at least one image. You can add a title, a difficulty grading, a quality grading, and tie it to a location. You can also add supplemental information like a description, categorize the type of climb it is, etc. If possible, I'd also like the user to be able to trace the route onto the photo.
  • Take notes on your progress
    On routes you've already recorded, you can make notes for each attempt you make. For example, I can say I tried the route again last Sunday and got two moves further, but still fall around 70% through.


Status — 

  • 1/2/14
    It's 2014! Crazy! I left off on this project for awhile, but started fresh over the holiday break. Before then, I had implemented the drawing functionality, so you could draw a line over the rock picture to show the route topo.

    The next thing I wanted to tackle was data — saving the route locally and being able to recall previously created routes. Coming back to the project, I actually found a lot of issues with my previous code and set up, so I started fresh with a brand new project and copied over the pieces that I still needed. Probably not the best, but I think it will help going forward! 

    Bonus, this refresh allowed me to start the project by adding in the navigation needed to access saved routes. I built out the navigation using a left-hand drawer menu based on this SWRevealViewController.


    Pretty handy and easy to use! These two screens aren't styled yet, but basically hitting "Save" on a problem adds everything as an entry to an NSMutableDictionary, and that populates the Saved problems screen. This works fine for testing, but I need to actually persist the data next, and haven't decided if I should use core data or try to do something else. 

  • 1/18/14
    Hello again! I haven't added many new features, but have been trying to merge the code from my old project into my current one. Most recently, it now has the ACEDrawingView implemented again, as well as a screen for adding additional beta (notes) regarding a climb. Some things are still buggy, but here's a video of the current status (sorry it's a little choppy!).

    Side note: my friend recommended this app for recording video — Reflector — and it worked well! I wish it showed the taps and gestures though, but it does not. I used this to show the iPhone screen on my laptop, and then Quicktime to make a screen recording.


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