Climb On!

Climb On! - student project

I need a spotter. I need a belayer. I need cheaper equipment. I need to find cool climbing spots. I need to make more climbing friends. I need advice about my injuries. I need Climb On! 

Recently, I was introduced by a friend to a local climbing group who climb at unique places. Before this, I was only climbing indoors. Meeting more climbers and getting involved in the social aspect of the sport has really enhanced my experiences with climbing and has made me enjoy it more. 

I was inspired by this experience to create this app for the climbing community. An easy way for new and advanced climbers to share their experiences and everything related to climbing.

This will essentially be a social/ informative app for climbers to check in to certain locations, add posts, learn new techniques/skills on climbing, and to connect with the climbing community all over the world. 

This will be my first tester in creating an app, and I welcome all suggestions and opinions. More details to come! 

Jonathan Ng

Professional in development