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Trey Ingram

Graphic Designer



Clientell Apparel

The Spark
I am a graphic designer from Jacksonville, Florida with a passion for well-executed design. My idea is one that I have been developing for a while now, and this class has given me the perfect opportunity to see it through. I am going to take a jab at some of the ridiculously outrageous things that our clients say. I have always appreciated the idea that designers and artists can "vent" about their clients by sharing the crazy feedback they get (sometimes on a daily basis). In a way, it becomes therapeutic. I mean, let's face it... when you work hard on your craft and the client comes back with a comment like, "jazz it up more," you can find it very difficult to keep your cool. My aim is to make a line of typographic t-shirts that give some relief and humor to the creative community. If the idea is successful, then I will possibly develop the brand further into more products.

The Style
From a stylistic standpoint, I am thinking that these graphics will have hand-crafted typographic statements that appear vintage and a little twisted/evil. These statements have been used between clients and designers for a long time, and I want to capture that message in the style. Here are some examples of the distressed look I hope to achieve:

I have developed a very rough sketch of the overall brand logo that shows a scripted approach and this is what I came up with:

Few more sketches from yesterday:

Took some of my favorite sketches and scanned them in...

Decided to go with the bolder, non-script sketch, and here is where I am at after much refinement:

Brought this version into Photoshop to refine the edges a bit, and then I introduced a bunch of textures in Illustrator to give it a worn, more hand-crafted feel. 

Took a step back and looked at this latest logo concept for a while...ultimately deciding that it looked too rough and was a little difficult to read. So I revisited my sketchbook and came up with this version:

Brought this version into the digital format and started experimenting with color a bit:

Been working on developing the Jazz It Up More full front design:

Brought it into digital format and gave it texture/color:

Here is the inked version for the second t-shirt design:

And here is the colored mockup:

Finally coming back to attack this project a bit more in an effort to keep it moving forward. I worked on a label design and came up with the diamond-shaped enclosure. I really wanted to keep it simple, unique and regal so that it fit in the scope of the brand. Here is the design for you to check out, and I will include a mockup of this printed label on the inside neck of a t-shirt soon.


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