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Derek Wood



Client manifesto

1. Clients are like drug addicts. They are often sorry and always need your help - but really they just want to keep doing what they're doing and make more money and have less accountability.

2. The only way to get someone to take you seriously, is to charge them an amount of money relative to something that they respect. If they rent a physical location / store... ask them what the rent is. Times that by three. If someone wants a website, (that makes them money) but they don't want to pay at least 3 months rent - then they don't respect what you do - and are incapable of respecting you as a designer.

3. Say 'no' all the time. Apparently people want to have things they are told - they cannot.

4. Don't ever work for a friend. They are nice people, but read number 1 and 2 and 3. If you say no, one day they will come to you - begging - with respect / money... and humility.

5. Write a huge long checklist of all the things that you do... very granular... extremely verbose... for example: 'check client user-names and passwords', 'log-in and create ftp user' etc... 

6. If anyone wants a deal... show them number 5 - and ask them which lines they are willing to take off your hands. (they wont want to take over any of them) (because they are weak people - who want everything to be easy - and have lots the ability to believe in themselves)

7. Just go work for an established company instead. Sit around doing 1/10th of the job you used to --- clock out at 5pm. Never learn another thing. Ride the bubble... 


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