Client Jennifer Meal plan


Client Jennifer Kelly

Goal to lose 5kg in 10weeks

Current weight 77kg   Goal weight 72kg

Age 36yrs

Height 174cm

Weight 77kg/170lbs

BMR 1,540

TEF    154

EEE   250

NEAT 250

2,194  TDEE

- 20% Deficit

Total Daily Calorie Goal 1,755.2 (Low carb, Moderate protein,High fat meal plan)

Breakfast 931cal

Avocado - Half Avocado, 60 gram

Coffee With Unsweetened Coconut Milk

Gluten-Free Toast Bread, 2 slice

Egg Poached 50g - Poached Egg

Greek Feta - Feta, 100 g


Mid Morning Snack 170cal

Smoked Almonds 30g


Lunch 220cal

Aldi Basmati Rice - Basmati Rice, 20 g

Spinach - Baby Spinach, 25 grams

Chicken Breast, 112.5 g


Afternoon Snack 120cal

Coconut oil organic unrefined 1 TBSP

(Pre workout)


Dinner 314cal

Asparagus, 200 grams

Sweet potato steamed 20 grams

Salmon Safeway - Salmon- Fillet 85g