Client Diet Plan

The client is a 35 -year-old female (weighing 135 pounds, and she regularly eats 1500 calories per day) who has been active at the gym but has not yet been able to achieve her goal to build bigger legs and glutes. In addition to her new workout plan, here is the diet plan I have recommended for her:

Calories: 1515 calories (10% increase)

Macronutrients: 135 g of protein, 40.5 g of fat, and 405 g of carbs

90% of her diet will consist of nutrient-rich foods, which include:

fish, salmon, potatoes, avocados, oats, milk, apples, bananas, chicken salad, chicken sandwiches

10% of her diet she will have chocolate and cookies


Meal Timing: 3 times per day: Light breakfast consisting of oats and fruit (non-workout days)

Lunch: Salad

Dinner: Potatoes and Salmon (when she is most hungry)

Supplements: Creatine for pre workout


Pre-workout meal: Protein shake 30 mins before workout

Post-workout meal: Chicken sandwich 30-60 mins after workout