ClickUp Kanban board for a personal branding project

ClickUp Kanban board for a personal branding project - student project

I've set up this board for a huge personal branding project.

I started setting it up in a popular productivity tool named Asana but found its features limiting and way too team-focused, In the end I exported my boards to ClickUp, another tool with way better features. Even the free version has more features that I need than most other tools I have looked at. If anyone is interested to test it out it can be found here:

I've broken down each project into smaller parts that I then add tasks to too keep track of where I am overall, and to try to set up deadlines, I suck at time management and I could easily spend years on just this project if i don't set up artificial limits.

I'll see how well this method works, I am in sore need of some structure in my creative life.


Simon Håkansson

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