Click Chamber - A Rust Belt World in Grayscale Tones

Click Chamber is noir. Click Chamber is sex, drugs, shotguns, bare fists, dumpsters, and alleys. When you've gotten hustled at pool at 3am and you're walking home alone, in the rain, cheap booze on your breath, and murder on your mind, you're in the Click Chamber. When you're so desperate for a fix of Ribbon Candy (drug of choice) that you'll eat it off the floor, you're in the Click Chamber. When you'll kill someone with your best friend, then fight him because of the woman you both (might) love, you're in the Click Chamber.

The first installment of Click Chamber was performed (as a live theater piece) in Buffalo, NY for the Buffalo Infringement Festival in 2013. The project is currently being submitted for production in other markets and avenues.

Click Chamber as a brand hopes to break through all medias, including live performance, film, prose, and visual arts.


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