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(Clever Project Title)

Hey,so I'm taking this class because I do online school so I havent been able to take an art class or get into any art programs in forever and infinity. IM SO EXCITED I FOUND THIS CLASS. I really want to imporve my skill and maybe start doing portraits for people. But I'm not good enough yet. My shading is definitely better though and that's pretty awesome because that was my biggest problem. Now I have to tackle accuracy as far as the portrait looking like my reference goes. Anyways, I found this picture, I think this girl is just so beautiful. I think you can get to the source by clicking on the picture but I got this from DeviantArt.


I hope the planes and shading things works this way, it's been helping me so far. Looks a little creepy but hey.

Also, I've already done the rough skecth of it and light shading but I decided I'd study up on specific features before I went any further. So far I've done the eye videos.


UPDATED- So here I went on and studied each lesson. This is only one of the mouths I did, but it was my best one.

Here is the updated eye ones because I finally did the eye for what was on my reference image and used that one when I started the portrait.

And then I did the noses and they were my least favorite. I have a lot of practicing I need until I feel confident with them.

 I wish I would have taken pictures as I went but I was sure it wasn't going to turn out right so I didn't :/

Anyways. I have a lead hand so something that helped me was instead of using the 3H pencil, I used 4H. The lead is much harder so my monster pressure hands didn't ruin the shading xD But eventually I got over my fear of the 3H and went over  it and did some blending and stuff and it ended up coming out fine.All in all I have to say though this isn't exactly perfect it's a billion times better than before I started these lessons ^_^


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