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Katherine Peach

Digital Media Strategist



Clearing the Clutter in Colorado: My three writing tools

Moving out of state presented the perfect opportunity to overhaul my workspace. A clean and comfortable desk is essential to maintaining focus and endurance since I work from home as a digital media strategist. Here is an example of how your final project could look like. My three writing tools: workspace, favorite organization tool and numerical writing goal.

 1. My new workspace.

My craigslist Formica desk did not make the cut in our cramped Uhaul, so finding a new desk my first necessity. Unfortunately, I spent much to long deciding which desk would match my needs. I had to make due with short-lived tub desk for longer than I’d like to admit.

I settled on a glass-top desk with built in display/organization capabilities. I wanted a surface area almost as big as a table in order to spread out all of the notebooks, planners, coffee cups and newspapers I collect throughout the day. My view of the Colorado Rockies made for the perfect inspiration.

I learned how oppressively hot the sun could be from the picture window. My partner’s computer also made a permanent home on the desk, which means I can be mobile with my laptop or use the large screen to evaluate the final layout of a blog or article. I also get to keep all of the reminders and post its on the shelf underneath the glass top to keep clutter off the desk.

Does anyone have a recommendation for desktop file organizer for easy access?

2. My favorite organizational tool.

A planner is essential for me to organize my time and stay on track of top priorities for the day. I sometimes use more than one to focus on daily and monthly projects. Here are three of my favorites:

  • I recently found the Spark Notebook, which allows you to enter the dates so you can start the six-month planner at any time. You can download a free pdf preview of the planner from the website. 
  • Another calendar-style planner that I use is the Bloom Daily Planner. Despite it being a rare trait these days, I like that I can see the entire month laid out to know when events are coming up.
  • A more expansive option is also the Day Designer that has space for you top three priorities and daily gratitude. You can also find a pdf print out on the website. 

3. My daily writing goal.

 In spring, I have more time to devote to personal writing. Writing is easiest for me in the morning before I get started on projects for clients. My goal is:

  • Write one 500-word blog post per week
  • At least 150 words per morning.
  • Do at least 30 minutes of yoga to help clear my mind and wake up my tired body.

I plan to habit stack by starting off with only 150 words and build up to 500 per day as I expand my website content.

What do you think of my three writing tools to increase my daily productivity? I would love to hear you thoughts about your project or the class in general.


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