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Clear Alcohols Are For Rich Women On Diets

I got this quote after a lot of brainstorming and consideration.

I wanted to use something I think is funny or clever because I think there are too many "Laugh, Live, Love" type things available. This is a quote from Parks and Rec, one of many shows I follow all too religiously.

I came up with the following list, which mostly consisted of word association and then also a few design and color ideas:


I then went about searching for inspiration, and found a lot I liked... mostly vintage/antique/old-timey stuff, lettering and signs. I have decided I think I will go for a kind of alcohol advertisment or kind of old-timey publuic service announcement... because I love beer and whiskey, and I love this quote!

Here is my mood board with some inspiration I found:

Hopefully my next steps will work out!

~~~***UPDATE: 12/3/2013**~~~

I have done some work... got my lettering started and a couple of sketches. It is hard to get work done this time of year for me as I am a culinary professor and it's almost finals time!

However, I started with some different lettering styles. Does anyone else have a hard time being left handed? I smear all over the place when using a pencil.

 I moved onto some sketches, but mostly came up with the same thing every time (sorry it is so hard to see)

I then drew a couple of sketches... I plan to get a light box (this week? fingers crossed) and get one or the other of these drawn up.

Personally, I like the second one... but I think I may do one more sketch using the word "diets" from the top and the rest of the second image.

Any advice, ideas or thoughts are welcome!

UPDATE: I tightened things up a bit and did my first inked version. I want to do one more ink version a little tighter (I think I need to redo the "Clear Alcohol"). I know it's taking me a long time but I am still at it!

Here is another update I worked out today.... (1/4/2014)


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