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Clean the Litter Box!

I have two cats. They poop way too much during the day. I wanted to create a reminder to scoop poop often so they would have a clean and uncrowded litter box.

Here's a quick sketch of my triangle showing action, location and sign: 


I wanted to include the action of scooping up poop. Started to explore different ways I could show that. Thought an Excavator digging up poop instead of a pooper scooper would have been funny. 


Decided on the first sketch after all. Ended up scraping the machine idea in favor of the simple scoop with the litter box for emphasis.


Had fun playing around with negative space too.


Here is the icon designed in Illustrator. Can't wait to put the sign in the new bathroom once I move at the end of the month.

Hope you like it!


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