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Projects like these really motivate and inspire to shoot with a purpose.  This shot was taken on the Manhattan Bridge above the intersection of Market & Henry Street.  The intersection's X caught my attention and the only thing missing was a subject that could be the focal point.  

Cold and impatient, the cab finally stopped at the northwest traffic light.


The timing of cab to be in the center of the intersection was all thanks to burst mode.

Satisfied with the shot and looking forward to some warmth and deliciousness while editing, my friend and I went to a nearby restaurant for some pork buns in Chinatown.  After ordering a little too much food (as we usually tend to do), the editing process began by adding sharpening and structure to bring more pop to the shot.  Since the focal point was the center cab, gradients were used on all four sides to draw attention to the center.  With yellow cabs being iconic in NYC, everything else was made black and white while the cab was the only color left in the photo.  

As the edit was just about finished, I zoomed in to make sure some of the intricacies were on point.  To my surprise, the passenger inside the cab was gazing out of the window.  After adding some clarity, losing some of the shadows, and adding some contrast, the passenger popped out introducing himself on a more detailed level.  Luck plays a part in photography as well, so I was definitely fortunate enough to catch this moment.

With the project nearly complete, naming it was only left.  


Jeff was stressed out.  He just took several tests at his doctor's, and he couldn't help but worry about his family, finances, and future.  An overwhelming feeling started to take over.  His body heated up, his vision started to blurr, and his palms were abnormally sweaty.  He started to become short of breath so despite the frigid temperatures of winter, Jeff opened his window and balance was slowly restored.  As he breathed in the fresh cold air through his nostrils, his focus was no longer on his stress anymore, but on his next breath.  Gaining perspective, he let out a sigh of appreciation, and the stresses from earlier were gone... for the moment.

Thanks for letting me share this project, and hope you enjoyed it.

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