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Mariana Martinez

designer and letterer



Classy Mail

Project completed! My biggest issue believe it or not, was finding the right size envelope. Not even the post office had them (not in yellow at least) I ended up getting the next size smaller, which meant having to redraw and resize where everything would fit in the envelope.

The smaller size made it a bit more difficult to work with the tombow brush pen and really get the smoothness I was looking for (there was a lot of correcting involved). I can't wait to mail this and to get started on a new one for the exchange. Updates coming soon!


I did a practice run on tracing paper to try and get used to how each stroke felt/looked before I went and tried it on the envelope. I think I finally got the hang of getting those clean lines. I did learn that I have to be patient and let the paint really dry before going into each step...that's where most of my mistakes were. As far as the drop shadows go, I still haven't decided if I'm using them in the PMB  address line.


I got to do some compostition sketches over the past week and narrowed it down to one layout

The pencil's very light but I hope you can make out most of it! I'm hoping to start the final mid next week.


I started working on sheets and sheets of lines and strokes last week, here's a couple of shots. I was having a bit of a hard time with breaking down the letter "C" though.


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