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Classic Picnic

2 versions (square repeat method 1 and 2)  1 day too late!

I would like to enter this project although I'm not confident it will load well to Spoonflower because I could not get the blue background to show up in the repeat test. At any rate, I enjoyed the course and learned a lot! Thanks, Majo!

It all seems a little busy. I'm wondering why the space in between and the wrong line up of motifs. The backgound clouds are missing. I like the feel of the one below just not sure how to do it in a repeat.

I keep moving in a sort of juvenile novelty direction that I'm not sure of but I am excited that I created this in Ai! : ) 

I tried really hard to change my thinking but everytime I thought about a picnic the word playful kept creeping in. I grew up in a city so the one picnic that I went on while growing up was playful, my own family picnics are playful and picnics with a class of fifth graders are playful. Although cliche, my concept of a picnic keeps spiraling back to the classic picnic. I would like to put a modern twist on it but I haven't figured out how yet.


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