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Classic Movie Quotes V1

Hi everyone,

I love zines and am so excited to take this class. Also, love the Bitch magazine shoutout!

I have a few ideas already for my zine so I think I will make a list and then take it from there. I like the challenge of giving yourself only one hour. I tend to over plan for my skillshare classes so this will be a great experiment for me. My goal is to have my zine done in one hour later tonight...

- Quotes from my favorite classic movie men

- Quotes from my favorite class movie ladies

- Missed connections on craigslist... I think they are so charming

- Vintage clothing items and accessories we don't really use today

- Something about Don Draper

++ Update 8/6 ++

Here is my first zine! It's called "Classic Movie Quotes: Volume 1" and it's a collection of quotes from my favorite classic movie men. I'm not a typographer but I wanted to give it a shot and went staight for the pen, no pencil sketching this time! So it's not perfect, but that's not the point of the project. I loved how the paper is folded and cut to turn out a little book!

I could have done without the black frames around the quotes but I was still able to reproduce my zine, I just had to trim it down a bit. Will keep this in mind next time so I don't make more work for myself.

I think I should probably add in punctuation, like periods after each quote and maybe quotation marks... things I notice when it's already uploaded!

Also I should probably put my full name on here somewhere.







I think the next one I do will have more drawings in it, that's what I am good at. ;)

Thanks for checking out my zine!


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