Classic Motor Coach and Bus Aficionado Trade Magazine

Classic Motor Coach and Bus Aficionado Trade Magazine  - student project

Classic Motor Coach and Bus Aficionado Trade Magazine  - image 1 - student project

I took some photographs in a field of old cars last summer, just days before they were to be hauled off to the scrap yard. For years the owner deflected offers to sell, in large part due to over valuation of his 'collection' and personal attachment. Ultimately, time caught up, he had to be moved to an assisted living home and his family was left the task of clean-up. As I understand it, they 'just about broke even' after all was said and done.

I designed this fictional magazine mock up specifically for this project inspired by how it relates to the common conceptions of one man's trash being another man's treasure, that something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it and the (sometimes massive) difference in what one person's valuation of an object is over someone else's. Regardless of my slightly tongue in cheek copy, does the overall 'upscale' presentation of the subject matter (at least that was my aim) increase anyone's perception of it's value? Does equally made chocolate taste better if it's wrapped in gold foil than plain wax paper?

Typically, and as in this project I started with a rough idea / layout and a basic grid or set of guides then end up tweaking 'by feel' as things gel. Sometimes -at least to my eye, an element has to go just a touch (or a shove) over a given grid line before it feels balanced. I also didn't let myself go through every, single font I have before deciding on a match. I've been known to scroll through them all looking for the perfect match only to come back to one at the top of the list an hour later... trying to get out of that habit and get right down to business. I find that self imposed limitations help reduce my analysis paralysis and keep me focused and on task!  

It was a fun project and I appreciate any comments, opinions or constructive criticism. Thanks!

Classic Motor Coach and Bus Aficionado Trade Magazine  - image 2 - student project

Anthony James

Compulsive Learner