Class project - Adobe Essential course

Class project - Adobe Essential course - student project

Class project 9 - Parkour @ Above All

How I did the editing ? 

First I did the basic editing task : edit interview, search the music, rough cut the clips, sync clips and music so they match, edit the audio (increase the volume, use the audio panel), color correction (I use the autocorrection).

For the color grading I downloaded some free luts on internet (I wanted to give a film look to the video). 

The effects : 

- To put the black bars on the clip, I find another way, I use the crop effect (11,8% top and 11,8% bottom), and you can animate it with the key frame. 

- I use the directional blur at the beginning to allow the logo to be seen without the eye being drawn to the background. 

- For the stunts clips, I use the speed ramp to change from normal to slow speed. To find the speed ramp, on the clip when you enlarge it, you will find a "fx square", you left click and click on speed modification. You can change the speed of the clip wherever you want. 

- For the "<NO LIMIT>" text, I use the linear wipe effect to give a writing effect (change the angle to 270° and then you animate the text with the key frame) 

- For the lower thirds, I use a motion graphic template that I downloaded on Envato Elements. 

I hope it helped you and that you discovered things that you can use for your clips and improve them




Class project 8 - Your place 

How I did the editing ? 

First, I chose the clips on the different free video website (Videvo, Envato, Pixabay). Then I took a free song on Youtube Studio which is related to my theme. I did the basic tasks that we learned with Dan : create a new sequence (1080p 25fps), do the rough cut in the screen monitor. When I do the rough cut, I chose the moments in the clip that I liked, then I drag it in the sequence.

I did some little color correction (with the automatic color correction) and I didn't put any "look" in some clips because I thought it was useless and I didn't want to overload. For the others I use the "Kodak 5218 Kodak 2395 (by adobe)" because of it's simplicity. For the color I used the tool "vibrance" to adjust weak colors. 

I chose some Motion Graphics Template for the text animation that I pick on Envato Elements. For the font, it was included in the templates, so we could not modify for the titles and the quotes. 

The main problem I encountered was related to my computer which could not run Adobe Premiere Pro smoothly when using certain Motion Graphic Templates. So I chose motion graphics templates that my computer can support.

Your place project for instagram feed - Ratios 4:5

Your place project for Facebook Feed - Ratios 16:9

Class project 7 - More sizzle


Class project 5 - Animating text 

Class project - Adobe Essential course - image 1 - student project


Class project 4 - Pre wedding


Class project 3 - Wedding


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