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Maria Zatorska

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



Class on Creating Graphics for Mobile Games

---- THE IDEA (TOPIC)----

In this class, I would like to show the workflow of a graphic designer in the mobile game development process. I am also going to share tips, tools and shortcuts of creating game props and promotional materials.

This will be a Project-driven type of class. I am thinking of the Project as a portfolio builder. We will create an environment, simple characters and UI for the game of a choice. Also, we will design an icon and screenshots for the game(I call them"game promo"). The finished piece / composition of game art can be later shared on students portfolio. 

The aim of the class is not to teach the design process although I will give some insights and tricks in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop during the process. But to show the workflow and tools that can be used by a designer to create art for mobile games (I am going to outline the steps of the workflow and will lead the students through -  like sketching, wireframing, designing, exporting assets, some automatization tips and more)


I had a few variants of how to call the class. 

(1) Designing for Mobile Games: Create a 2D Game Art for Your Portfolio

(2) Reskin Your Favorite Mobile Game: A Designer's Workflow in 2D Game Development

(3) A Designer's Workflow in Mobile Game Development (2D): Create a Portfolio Piece

I am also thinking to change the "Designer" term to "Artist" as in game industry there is an often confusion, as a Game Designer refers to a person who is responsible for the game mechanics and creating levels, and Game Artist is the one who delivers concept art and all the graphics.


A Portfolio piece which contains:

- Logo and Icon of the game

- A mockup of one or two game screen showing the main character, environment, props, and user interface elements (buttons and status icons)

- It will be also nice to include the sketched art and show the whole process of the making-of in your portfolio.

(I will provide an example in my own project)


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