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Mary Konovalova

Crafty Dwarf - toy maker and tankard clinker



Class for Dollmakers: Make Your Own Portable Workshop

I'm self-taught doll maker and I remember how valuable was every single piece of advice about tools. What kind of scissors do I need to cut that plush properly? How can I put glass eyes onto teddy bear muzzle? How do I make stuffing as hard as an apple if my finger won't do the job?

I've created this course for anyone who wants to get his tools right as fast and cheap as possible. It's the key to successfull toy making to have all your tools by hand, or you'll never have place for creativity but rather for search of a tool needed.

My class outline: It's a little bit long but I've included script parts where it's hard to point out just bullets (loose topics like purpose, experience, etc.)

My intro video: Feedback highly appeciated since English isn't my native language and I'm not so fluent with it now as I used to be.

Hey! My class is live now! Enroll please if you like it. :)


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