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Class Study - student project

Question; Vegvísir: show me my desired path, please.


  1. Verb: Ace of Swords
    1. Clarity; Success; Clean break. Excalibur; Birch - birth; Air, East, enlightenment of word. Hawk.
    2. A plan only lasts until you get punched.
  2. Subject: III Wands
    1. Enterprise; Confidence; Realizing goals and productive purpose.
    2. Sprouts have matured enough to provide hope of fruit.
  3. Object: VII Pentacles
    1. Bearing fruit; Harvest; Clearing.
    2. Observe those fruits, and enjoy their taste. Holy is that which is wholesome. 
  4. Inter: Prince of Swords
    1. Intelligence; Articulate; Impetuous. Dionysus at a symposium.
    2. A change will help make our dreams come true.
  5. Summary and Thoughts:
    1. Of late I've had daydreams of starting a PODcast, blending Jediism, Druidry and Libertarianism. Who would listen to me when so many already exist. Would that combination be a suitable niche? And how would I get started without a mentor?

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