Class Sketches

Class Sketches - student project

This was an incredibly fun class, and I loved the sketching exercises at the end. It's fun to compare how others framed the image and how they drew the details differently. I think I went a little too realistic with the details, but I did have to make a creative decision in framing each landscape image in a portrait orientation. I'm glad we were encourages to use a brush pen for these exercises!

I should have framed the 5 minute sketch a little tighter though. I tried to capture too much and I think it just looks like it's hard to tell what's going on.


15 minute:

Class Sketches - image 1 - student project


10 minute:

Class Sketches - image 2 - student project


5 minute:

Class Sketches - image 3 - student project

Don Marsh
Instagram: @the.curious.sketcher