Class Projects

Class Projects - student project

I’m not an artist tho I want to be, lol.

This is a fun class with a good teacher! I like how the projects seem to be something you can do easily (tho I still found it medium to hard because I’m not naturally a drawer, I’m crafty not arty!) and I also liked that he tells you how to “make your own brushes” with the tweaks he suggests.


I hope this class will get more notice now tho cos I found it totally by accident as it doesn’t come up in a usual Procreate search and it was exactly what I was (and I know heaps of others in my FB groups) are looking for. I’ll add the other drawings as I do them!


Oh, and I follow this way to do the white strokes than trying to draw them myself as in these classes -

Class Projects - image 1 - student projectClass Projects - image 2 - student projectClass Projects - image 3 - student project