Class Projects - Unwrapped

Class Projects - Unwrapped - student project

Ok so this is a bit of a style departure from what we have been doing, but this is where I ended up!  I teach art to elementary kids, and this is my attempt  to channel a little bit of childlike charm through animation.  I wanted something light hearted, but also engaging enough to draw people to dig deeper into a serious topic.  Sure, you might say it looks like it was done by a 7 year old, but that's what I meant it to be! (wink wink ;) or maybe it is the best I can do with animation!

This was a fun one!  The footage was amazing and I was just trying to pace it right and create a fitting pace and feel.  I found some new audio and tried to make a pretty major transition from one to the other and back at the superman jump.  I don't think it is where it needs to be, but overall I enjoy watching it so it must not be a terrible edit!  




Wokandapix > Pixabay (Michigan Search)

Audio > A quiet thought (Youtube)

Font > Bebas Neue 


I created my own text animations to practice keyframes.  It was a bit tricky to create the effect I wanted with smooth transitions.  You can kind of see what I wanted to do, but it just didn't flow as I had planned.  It was the little things like centering the text, or lining up different lines of text to the shape animation.  Once I started adding keyframes it all started to turn into a mess!  Starting over after a rough draft was helpful to simplify the process and learn from my inexperience.  

Rearranging clips on timeline.  Is there a way to change the default from overwrite (when you click and drag a cilp to reorder) to insert?  I threw in a lot of rough cuts to rearrange, and learned to press [ctrl/pc] to toggle to insert, but the process seems cumbersome.  Maybe it is just me? 


When I would insert clips in the timeline, the audio (music) would also shift even when moved down to my A3 layer.  I either locked the layer or toggled the “sync lock” function next to mute to have this stop happening.