Class Project

Class Project - student project

What is my biggest productivity challenge?

Lack of focus - easily distracted by thinking of new ideas and unable to execute previous ideas accordingly (within set time-frame, achieving set goals).

How does higher productivity help me in career and business?

Becoming more productive enables me to:

  • execute ideas and strategies as planned (within the stipulated deadline + achieving set goals)
  • improve relationships between me and relevant parties (friends and family, colleagues, new network etc.)



Why am I doing this at the first place?

I started Commodum because I want to solve unemployment.

Why am I doing this now?

Commodum has been around for more than a year now, yet there is barely any progress aside from being the 'motivational Facebook page' it was when it started. I want to turn it into a company, then progressively try different strategies to solve unemployment.



What note taking platform I’m going to use?

I have been using my phone's memo app. I would like to use both the app and a physical notebook now.



Urgent and important

  • Start and complete designing for Commodum's website
  • Personal Resolution for 2017
  • Commodum Resolution for 2017
  • Updating TheSkyVest website
  • Sales Script for TheSkyVest

Urgent but not important

  • Paying Bills (Insurance, Borrowed Money)
  • Clean up the house
  • Pack and fold my clothes
  • Wash different pile of clothes
  • Prepare essentials for Electives

Not urgent but important

  • Call 3 Existing Network/day
  • Social Media Strategizing for 2017
  • Investment Strategizing for 2017
  • TheSkyVest Strategizing for 2017
  • Elite Freelancing Team Strategizing for 2017
  • #SportsREVO planning for Dec - Feb
  • #SportsREVO Succession plan
  • Workout every morning + evening
  • Build an effective team communication system to test in AEF 2.0 Sponsorship Team
  • Learn all 9 systems
  • Practice OSCE for all 9 systems

Not urgent and not important

  • Playing DOTA2/Watching DOTA2 videos
  • Doing nothing



What are the roles I have in work and life? And the 3 tasks for that role.

Founder of Commodum

  • Commodum Resolution for 2017
  • Guide COO in product development for J1
  • Attract entrepreneurs to subscribe and follow Commodum

Captain of Elite Freelancing Team

  • Listen to Kheen Ho's explanation of current situation for Midnight Gaming
  • Understand my team's current financial situation
  • Find new project for my team

Project Head of TheSkyVest

  • Update website
  • SMART Action Plan to hit 12k USD before Dec 24, 2016
  • Find a partner to join the team


  • Jog 3km/session
  • Build muscle bulk + strength
  • Eat healthily + strategically


  • Communicate with my parents
  • Strategize budget for my parents’ retirement
  • Plan a date with my parents



To-do list for tomorrow

  1. Do the research for my new article
  2. Write a new article for my blog
  3. Pitch two entrepreneurs for guest writing for Commodum
  4. Get 10 more entrepreneurs to subscribe to Commodum
  5. Update my progress with my Commodum team
  6. Reply important work emails



4AM - 6AM: Creative

  • Think of new ideas (CEO mode)
  • Write them down

6AM - 7AM: Focus

  • Exercise
  • Breakfast

7AM - 8AM: Sleepy

  • Read a book
  • Nap for 15 minutes

8AM - 12PM: Focus and Driven

  • Sharing of 1 lesson with my teams
  • Execute tasks (proposal writing, article writing)

12PM - 2PM: Break

  • Lunch
  • Nap for 30 minutes

2PM - 5PM: Refreshing and focus

  • Execute tasks (appointments, sales call)

5PM - 6PM: Reflection

  • Review and reflect individual and work progress
  • Review and reflect my team's progress

6PM - 7PM: Relax

  • Dinner Appointment to relax

9PM - 12AM: Focus

  • Read a book
  • Strategize about next day's tasks
  • Reply emails