Class Project


Kate Devine, a 29 year old lawyer from the city was barely an inch over five feet, you might even call her petite. Not small with the body of a teenage boy though, she had all the right curves, right where they should be. She wore a mid-length black skirt with a white blouse, she was certainly easy to look at for extended lengths of time and she knew it. Her dark, almost black, curly hair reaching down to the middle of her back, along with her dark brown eyes, only proved to enhance her already flawless tan complexion. 


Kate had only just arrived in this rural PA town and felt quite out of place as she stepped out of her blue Lexus onto the narrow country road in her black heels. The house said number forty seven which matched what she had written down in her notebook. She wasn't quite sure though, her firm wasn't cheap and house number forty seven wasn't expensive. The street was lined with mobile homes on both sides as far as you could see. It looked like nearly everyone drove pick-up trucks around here too, some old and some a little newer were parked in small straight driveways along the road. It was quiet here and the cool autumn air smelled simple, like trees and maybe a campfire or someone cooking outside. A woman was sitting in a lawn chair across the street watching a couple of kids playing catch with a football. Kate reassured herself that this light blue mobile home with peeling paint and an overgrown lawn had to be the place.


Richard Stadtler opened the door and looked at Kate. He looked down, then up again checking out the pretty little lawyer that was supposed to be a powerhouse of an attorney. "Did the lawyer send you ahead of him? You're his secretary, right?" He stood there, looking at her like there was no way she was the lawyer who was going to save his son from moving from the general population to death row. "Actually sir, I'm Kate Devine, attorney at law, and please whatever you do, don't underestimate me. I always live up to my reputation."


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