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Emma Jane Shaw

Hobby Artist



Class Project

First of I would like to say that this class has reignited my passion for painting! For many years I have limited myself to simple sketches and doodles, fearing the paint brush, but now I am excited to paint. This class has also opened my eyes to the possibilites of working with watercolour which I am eager to explore. Here is my class project...

My Tools

This class gave me the opportunity to try out my watercolour tube paints that were given to me from a friend. Although now I really want to buy a pan set! I already had a few paint brushes, I just needed to buy a couple of small ones for detail. I bought some black ink to try which I found fun to use and really effective for this type of painting. I also bought some plain cooking salt and household bleach and used an old tube of white acrylic for highlights and stars. 


Monochrome Activity


This is a great little exercise. It really helped boost my confidence with using watercolours and painting in general. 

Jellyfish Activity


I am not overly satisfied with how my jellyfish turned out but I think this is a great exercise and I want to keep at it! 

Galaxy Project

Below are my galaxy paintings. I had so much fun painting these - I lost myself in them. 


Work in progress.


Galaxy project attempt one. I played around with some basic design concepts using the cookie cutter tool from Photoshop to get the images below. 



I think this would be a great idea for a T-Shirt design, however I would utilise drawing skills over photoshop tools to create the shapes. 



The above images are my second attempt. The inverted version of this painting looked quite cool so I decided to share it. I love the blue and green colours! It looks like a portal to another dimension or something xD 



And finally my third attempt along with the inverted version of it. This was such a fun class. Thank you Ana Victoria - I look forward to participating in more of your classes!


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