Class Project

Class Project - student project

For this project I decided to go with the theme of techno and dance music. I enjoy them a lot and I kept picking different phrases and giving up on them. 


There's a disco nap sticker for when you take a quick nap before you go out, a happy face acid sticker for acid techno, a drum machine, a modular synth, rave to the grave for never getting sleep, a drink water sticker for the people who need water late at night, and a record that says dance music, but I could have done a better job at making it more legible. 


The echo on the rave to the grave sticker was acting kind of wonky and would skip a lot, I made a bunch of copies, and staggered the layers by a frame or 2 using a script so it wasn't too hard to do. 


This was really fun to make. Thanks for creating this class!Class Project - image 1 - student project


link to the youtube video of this . it's not showing up in this project.