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Lesia Yancey

Illustrator, Artisan and Nerd Diva



Class Project.

I tried this out on twi different sets of line art. One was a template and the other is an existing one I had made a while ago.

First here are the template ones:


This one I had 'bubblegum in mind' I always am a sucker for pink. So i never pass up an oppertunity to use pinks. I did some minor editing in the template. EX on of the arms and most of the shoe.


This one was gonna be mint chocolate but it's more of 'Tree'. A weird.... Chocolate tree.... That or this is all a big excuse for me to use shades of green i never use.


This one is watermelon. It was too bright at first so I toned it down. I didn't count the skin color in this. I hope that is ok.

And here is the character I created, Spearmint!


I was very picky about changing up certian colors... Namely the leggings, mask, horns, and skin color.

The stars are part of the color palette. I just love drawing stars and glowing bits. Anyway I hope this meets the requirements.


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