Class Project Updated

Class Project Updated - student project

Class Project Updated - image 1 - student projectClass Project Updated - image 2 - student projectI've completed all the exercises from this course, and wow, I am astounded what came up. What Inspires Me was hard to put on to the page; I find inspiration in things people share with me, like photos, stories, artwork, etc. Not necessarily to make the same kind of project, but to get back to my iPad or notebook and make something.

During the What I Fear exercise I realized that I still carry a lot of things I thought I'd banished from my life. It felt really weird and a bit depressing when it occurred to me that the series I want to start has to do with working though these things, but I hope having this outlet will help. I've never tried art therapy before!

Update: of course the inner critic immediately complained that I should have written "never really being part of something" instead. Tough cookies! The self-portrait is pretty good, though.