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Class Project Example!

Hiya! I copied and pasted the project steps from the previous page and just filled in my work as I did it. Here's what I've got so far, and thanks for reading! (Oh, and my website is - make sure to post yours too so we can check out your music!)

  1. My Music Money Goals are to be making 1/3 of my income with song placements, 1/3 with composing scores and sonic logos, and 1/3 sharing my musician resources!
  2. What is working: Writing for commercials, reaching out to editor friends for music placements, teaching piano lessons, and selling onlinve courses have worked so far.
  3. My Goal Tracker is uplaoded as a screen shot. ec2dc527
  4. Working on # 4 currently!
  5. Working on #5!


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