Class Project Entries - Reflective Practice


Productivity Equation - Pilot, Plane, Engineer Struggle

I feel I struggle with all the three but more so with the plane. As a pilot, it is very difficult for me to think through and plan the tasks for the day in a single time slot.

This in turn affects my ability to function as a plane. it is very difficult for me switch off the pilot mode and enter into the plane mode. While I am working on something, I keep trying to think what do I next or have I forgotten some other important activity rather than focusing on the task at hand.

These force me, as a engineer, to always be in the constant lookout for that perfect app that is going to solve all my problems in terms of organizing my tasks, taking notes, etc. I constantly keep switching between these apps thereby losing sight of what I should actually be doing.

What am I avoiding with the phrase "I dont have time"?

By Avoiding the phrase "I dont have time",

  1. I am getting rid of the notion that "time is not in my control"
  2. I realize that the task is not as prioritized in my head as it ought to be. Call for reevaluation
  3. I acknowledge and own the decision that I actively chose not to spend time on the task in question and it wasn't a question of time.
  4. I get an opportunity to see if I can incentivize the task that I am choosing to ignore thereby increasing the fun factor in the productivity equation and also providing motivation to spend time on the task.

 The Motivation Myth

1. What's a goal that I want to achieve? - Become a content creator in my technical field of expertise

2. How can I make the process more pleasurable?
- Focusing on the action - Finding the right set of tools that minimize the time to create content. This takes lesser toll on the mind to plan and organize. Instead you jump straight into the task
- Focusing on the outcome - Understand and Internalize the benefit of creating content. Also set up short term goals and reviews that help in shortening the feedback loop.

3. Can I increase my odds of hitting the goal by putting money on the line? - Yes, definitely. The money can be put as an investment in the tools needed to create content. Once the investment is made, the internal guilt will ensure that I use the tools for creating the content.

4. How can I make the outcomes more tangible and desirable? - Clearly list down the benefits of the goal. i.e. Becoming a content creator. Have these goals frequently show up by either setting up reminders that pop up every week, have them as your wallpaper, etc. This will ensure that the outcomes sink into my head.


The Myth of Multitasking

1. What's one( or more) situations when I was in my flow state?

Most recently, I was in a flow state for almost 3 hours where I started making progress towards my project for my masters.

2. What circumstances and mindsets led to that?
I find that I get into the flow state more easily, when I start my tasks early morning. Also, any discussions that I have regarding the task with others motivates me to work more on the project since others seem to find the task interesting.

3. Can I Manufacture those conditions for other stuff that I Need/Want to do?
Early Morning Routine is something that can be setup. Its the time when there are less notifications/distractions. Everyone else that I know of are sleeping. This gives me time to go ahead and start working on the tasks that demand my complete focus.
Ensuring that I have discussions about the projects/tasks I work on is a little bit more challenging. It involves finding the right platform and also the right kind of people who are genuinely interested in the work that I do.


 Parkinson's Law

1. Make a list of 3-4 long term tasks that you want to do?
- Lose Weight
- Start a Blog
- Renovate the house

2. What would you do if you only had half as long to do them?
- Start increasing my workout and plan a more rigid diet.
- Start posting posts as frequent as possible without having to sit down adn decide the perfect topic and the perfect write up
- Ramp up the savings needed to do the renovation and the plan for renovation.

3. What about if you had to do them in the next 24 hours.?
- Cant do much here.
- Just post about the most interesting topic that you came across in the day.
- Look at your savings and make the possible purchases to start the renovation activities.