Emma Jane Shaw

Hobby Artist



Class Project Contest!

When creating my first Skillshare class as part of a Teach Challenge I followed all the steps and guidelines given by the Skillshare team. I feel I have covered most of the points discussed in this class already, however my class still hasn't got a single project (apart from my sample one). 

I emailed Skillshare for advice and they suggested a contest. They offered me a year of free premium membership to award to the student of my choice! I just announced this in my class discussion board, on my Instagram account and Facebook page and hope it will encourage students to make a project. I'm just starting out sharing my work online so I don't have much of a following at all or any resources to offer as incentives so I was blown away by Skillshare's generous offer. 

Provided this contest works I would also like to repost the winner's completed project to my Instagram and Facebook accounts, as suggested in this class, if the winner is okay with it of course. I may add this to my announcement as a further incentive and see what happens. 

Thank you Neil and Linda for the course! I look forward to taking more of your classes =) 


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