Class Project: Aro Tremblay


Hero: Aro Tremblay

Likeability: 9 His friends and compatriots love him dearly, and he is always there to help them out however they need. They see him as their de facto leader, but he has no power other than his influence over them

Competency: 3 Aro has many inherent abilities. He is one of the few remaining Bezu peoples left on the continent of Jedra. His ancestors were hunted to near extinction many years ago, centuries ago and the remaining few descendants lost their knowledge of

Activity: 6 He wants to do more but is hamstrung in his shackles and believes himself powerless. He could escape if he only searched himself and did what Rhoneth instructed him to do, but he is stubborn and doesn’t listen to wisdom. He does his best to help his people and is loved by many, but Seer Steen sees him as a threat, and his mouth gets him in trouble. He would be better served thinking before speaking.

Villain: Stephen Steen

Likeability: 2

Competency: 9

Activity: 7

Aro Tremblay is a slave in the northern forest regions of the country of Jendrasil. Long and tall with high cheekbones and braided thick jet black straight hair hanging almost to his waist. His eyes deep set and black and mysterious as the soul housed within his

Not technically a slave, but after the Shakta-ker food riots twenty years before, all peoples labeled under of the inferior set of Shakta races had their freedoms systematically erased incrementally over time. Now many are set in slums and forced to work in unsafe and inhospitable iron mines, abandoned long ago when their yields were safe to mine and profit worthy.

Overseer Steen works on Tremblay’s every weakness. He works on his hopelessness, his captivity. He tries to drain the life out of him. Rhoneth, an extra-terrestrial advisor to his mother Red-Dawn, tries to show him his past, the pasts of his ancestors to show him his potential they could do in their time of greatness, before the death purges millennia ago.

He needs to find a way to lead his people to freedom…