Class Project #1: Personal Manifesto

Class Project #1: Personal Manifesto - student project

My personal manifestos include a 2 of my own manifestos/quotes and 1 very famous line. These are a few mantras I try to live by. 

#1 Be Grateful: a gradient background with very light shades of blue, pink and green all of which convey different messages. The colour palette is lighter and the font choice (sans serif) makes it more elegant.


#2 Live & Let Live: this is about letting other people live according to themselves which is why I chose a blue colour palette - it gives a sense of tranquility and peace, however the colour in the background is darker and more saturated, with a bold font - this was to give it a bold look and make it stand out.


#Overworking: a plain dark gray background with a bold sans font in the foreground to convey a powerful message. 

Class Project #1: Personal Manifesto - image 1 - student projectClass Project #1: Personal Manifesto - image 2 - student projectClass Project #1: Personal Manifesto - image 3 - student project