Class Project 1: Levelling up Your Art Game

Class Project 1: Levelling up Your Art Game - student project


Working in freelance graphic design for over 10 years, I've always concentrated mostly on colour, texture and overall balance being the most important elements and principles for my work.

In this project, I was told to go on a ‘scavenger hunt’ to find inspiration from different existing works showing examples of 3 elements/principles of my choice.

As I have mainly worked with minimalist fan posters of existing movies, I decided to go on the internet and look for some of my favourite minimalist movie posters from other artists and pick 5 examples for each of Colour, Texture and Balance.


Here is what I found:


Element 1: Colour:

Class Project 1: Levelling up Your Art Game - image 1 - student project

I really like posters that are bold and vivid when it comes to colour, although I also like to see colour used well in relation to the narrative.

The Raising Arizona one in particular is a fantastic example of using gradient to make the poster look a lot more interesting than just a solid colour.

The Toy Story 3 one shows how a vast selection of colour can be used to make the viewer follow all around the poster to find all the characters and understand the story. Moonrise Kingdom does a similar thing but in a more subtle manner. 

I also love the bright, bold and vibrant colours used in both the Back to the Future and Drive posters, these would easily pop out of any selection of pieces. 


Element 2: Texture:

Class Project 1: Levelling up Your Art Game - image 2 - student project

When I design posters, I love to add texture to each one I make so it adds more depth to just a plain background. All 5 of these posters I found on the web are perfect examples of how the addition of texture can enhance the overall feel of them.

I really enjoy looking at posters that look old and weathered as they remind me of the old movie posters made-to-print, whereas nowadays I find most current film posters look too clean when digitally made. There's something special about a distressed, retro film poster.


Element 3: Balance:

Class Project 1: Levelling up Your Art Game - image 3 - student project

Although it is nice to see some converging text and imagery in a poster to make it look more dynamic, I personally prefer to look at work that's more 'neat and tidy' in terms of the subject matter. 

I've picked 5 posters here that are great examples of overall balance and unity. 

The Aliens and ET ones in particular have a great sense of vertical symmetry; and although the Alice in Wonderland one has a symmetrical dress part, the card symbols are different yet follow a nice repetition when the black club symbol starts again.


Don't be afraid to ask any questions about my selections, and I'd be happy to discuss. :)


Thank you for reading this.