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Class Photos

Exercise #3 Putting It All Together:

I still need good examples of silhouette and contrast. 


I was having trouble finding symmetry that had interest. I did the one below of the fire pit that I like more, but I found a pot holder and I like the circular design and symmetry. 


I liked the brigt red and blue on the white in this one. I am focused on one beet, but it is hard to tell. 

Exercise #2 Geometry and Lines:

I went around the yard and took some shots using the skills present inthe second lecture. I love the way they turned out. I am psyched! 

Fire Pit:

This is the top of a fire pit. I used the curves to frame the image in a way. I  like the round curves forming the X to draw the eye to the handle. 


I took another view of the fire pit to make this geoetrical shape. 



I like this one. I love how the fence lines are moving on one diagonal and the flower/weed thing is leaning the other way. The fence post is making another sort of diagonal. 

In this one, I used the head shapes to create the diagoal and the feather helps out too! The pavilion ceiling has a diagonal as well. 


The schnauzer dog image background is divided in threes (rocks, cement blocks, wood siding) and she (the subject) is shot head on. This lesson alone has improved my photos. Thanks!


Another dog shot head on. There are object around her forming different shapes/diagonals. I do not think they distract too much. 

Another Fence

I like the lines in this photo. 


Exercise #1 - Composition:

I had to go to California for work. I went to Huntington Beach  for dinner. I liked the lines of the lights, palm trees, pier, waves. I was able to capture lots of images using the rule of thirds, foreground, mid ground, back ground, and lines.  Enjoy!


This car was at the red light head on and I caught him rounding the corner. I like the lines on the street and the blur in the background. 


I had to take this in a series and I finally caught him riding the wave. I like how the wave line angles down to the subject and that he is in the rule of thirds line. 


The shadows from the sun shining through the railing onto the pier were neat. I like this one with the pier and lines in the foreground and the railing in midground and the sun and sky in the background. 


I took the shot of the pier house head on. I am not sure I like the horizon cutting into the people on the pier. 

Sunset over the Lights:

I took this one centered.I liked the light post pointing to the sun. The feel of the photo reminds me of the Middle East or something. Foreground, beach/sidewalks - midddle ground light post, - background sun and sky. 


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