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Class In Session: Homework

Hi, Im Derieo Herron (@DEEO/@DeeoVisuals) via all social media apps.

I'm a photographer currently residing on the east coast, orginally from NewOrleans, LA. Happy to share my project with everyone, I will have 2 photos for each type of shooting scenario. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below, open to critism. 

My work can be viewed at


1. This first photo isn't your typical symmetry photo. I wanted to focus on using the rule of thirds, while catching some sort of symmetry. On the other hand adding some NewOrleans flavor by focusing more on the street car. (NewOrleans, LA)

2. The second photo focuses strictly on symmetry, it took some serious focus on my behalf being that I didnt have my tri-pod on me at the time. I think it turned out pretty good. (Delaware)




1. This photo was taken with the intent to tell the evening story. How busy that particular evening was, the popularity of that restaurant, and the feel of the cozy weather that evening. Incoporating the stride-by in the shot. (NewOrleans, LA)

2. Number 2 is strictly focused on the stride-by, did my best to capture everything symmetrically, as well as my subject which is the individual in the photo. Loved how her hair showcased an extra element of the photo.  (Philadelphia, PA)




1. This isn't the expected lookup photo, but it caught my eye. It has all the elements of a lookup shot, just viewed differently. For example, theres the clouds just reflecting off the buillding, and theres a few different structures here. The plus for me in tis photo was the little girl that walked under the cube. She really shows the size of the cube as well as the NYC buildings. (New York, NY)

2. What a way to bring in the new year.This was my first lookup for the 2016 season...... (New York City, NY)



Hope you enjoyed!

Check out my work at and follow me on the social media handles (@DEEO/@DeeoVisuals)

Thanks Skillshare & Jayscale


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