Class Images

I-80 At Night, Berkeley, California -- before


This long exposure night image was shot through a chain link fence. The links were quite small, so it was not possible to exclude them from the image completely. I cropped the image square to eliminate the links, then adjusted the white balance, shadows, blacks, and curves to get the final image.


Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Atlanta, Georgia -- before


A tighter crop to accent the staircase, converted to black and white and adjusted to accent the contrast in the floor tiles. I felt the staircase was a little more dramatic when rotated 180 degrees.


Lamborghini, Chinatown -- before


This car, parked in Chinatown in San Francisco, was painted "Polizia" on the side. That did not help, however -- it was being towed, and a large crowd of people stood around watching.

I shot this for the "Transportation" theme on photochallenge.org, and wanted to emphasize the vehicle, not the people in the background. I started with a crop/straighten, then adjusted the blacks and added brushes to the edges to darken just that. The windshield got another brush with the highlights toned down.


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